The Protect Each Other NC network was launched in the immediate aftermath of the November 2016 election to enable new collaborations to protect people from hate and bigotry and encourage courageous action that reflects our values. We seek to address everyone targeted for hate and violence in our state, from immigrants and refugees, to people of color, to Muslim and Jewish communities, to women and LGBTQ communities, to people with disabilities, and more. We welcome people who wish to #LeadwithLove in North Carolina to join us. Individuals and organizations take the pledge here.


Working together, we agree to:

  1. Protect people’s safety, recognizing in particular how safety is directly impacted by dynamics of oppression and privilege
  2. Share resources, information, support, and training to help people understand and exercise their rights
  3. Collaborate in coordinated but decentralized work teams focused on the stated purpose above
  4. Center the voices and realities of those most marginalized, targeted or silenced, both in broader social/political realities and movement culture
  5. Create and maintain an ethos of solidarity with regard to action and collaboration
  6. Trust each other’s intentions and question decisions when necessary
  7. Be brave in calling out departure from values or actions which may put people in danger
  8. Grow the movement by continually creating space for more members and supporters
  9. Honor these principles and structure until it becomes necessary to evolve them in particular ways for the good of our joint purpose