Resources To Guide Our Steps Toward Protecting People in NC


“We All Belong Here” by Micah Bazant,
As you’re taking steps to protect our friends and neighbors across North Carolina, the following resources may be helpful in guiding you toward what’s working in other communities.

We’d love to hear from you with other suggested resources you’d like us to share, or an update on what you are working on, so please email us at

What all of us can do to protect immigrants

Untitled.jpgWondering how your city, town or county can start doing a better job to protect immigrants as the danger from raids are ramping up in Charlotte, Burlington and around the country?

Local Options for Protecting Immigrants is a new guide to city and county policies from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.  You can download it here.  ILRC has also published Searching for Sanctuary, which provides a great overview of current realities and policy options for greater protection.  Have specific question about how to do this in North Carolina?

Take the Pledge for a Shared Future

ILRC is working on model policies which you and others can bring to your own city or county government.  Here are some examples:
Urbana, IL
Takoma Park, MD
Seattle, WA

What makes a city a sanctuary city now?

Mijente has issued a timely new report, “Expanding Sanctuary: What makes a city a sanctuary now?” which can be freely downloaded on their website.  The report includes a history of sanctuary and a clear list of policy priorities.

In a country where over-policing results in 1 in 3 people being arrested at least once by the age of 23, during a time when evolving technology places fingerprint scanners in the palm of every law enforcement officers’ hand, and as we anticipate growth in federal agents active in our cities, sanctuary in practice, and as a movement, must evolve.